NYAF/NYCC 2010 Kaitou Cosplay
kaitou- no violence in my territory
I was more or less dared to do this by my LJ friends who think that there's an uncanny resemblance between us. FYI: that is my real hair, but the freckles are just brown eyeliner.

Also, forgive the tight costume; measurements in metric don't carry over well if you're converting from inches and feet into metric. So yeah.

Taken at NYAF/NYCC 2010, Saturday.

(In this cut, there shall be no using the letters, "F", "A", "K", or "E" in that order. Else I take your soul.)

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Yukina Kimono Cosplay :3
SQUEEEE! I'm so glad to have found a YYH cosplay community! =D </end squealing> [note to mods: if you want custom css for the community, I can do that for free. :3 tell me what you want.]

Yukina Kimono : 2/2, originally uploaded by SnowFoxCreations.

It's both cosplay and kitsuke! I love to pick characters who wear kimono and then buy authentic kimono of that type. :3 Yukina, the ice maiden from Yuu Yuu Hakusho, wears a pale blue iromuji, dark blue obi and red nagajuban, so I chose those items with the intention of also wearing them regularly (it doesn't hurt that Yukina and I seem to have similar tastes.)

This is the first time I've worn my 'blue mystery obi.' I picked it up at a local antique store, and it's very weird: it's made of a striped weave and some sort of very stiff, semi-transparent fabric. The type of obi appears to be fukuro (and mochihearts, who examined it, agreed) but I'm not sure what the item's history is. It came to the store from an estate which also produced a presumably pre-1950 young girl's kimono (which I also bought,) so I'm assuming that the obi is quite old. It appears to be made out of some sort of synthetic fabric, but I could be wrong. I'm toying with the idea of taking tons of photos and posting a 'what on earth is this thing' entry at IGF... Whatever the obi is, though, I love it.

My lack of a red nagajuban has long been a source of annoyance for me (I have tons of juban, but they're all white) and due to financial constraints, I haven't been able to afford one. After seeing photos of 'dounuki' and finding some lovely red fabric with 'shippou' patterns for sale at WalMart, I got an idea... And, so, I started sewing, which generated a kinda-sorta red juban, or which I may post photos later.

I only need to modify the shoes to add the 'rain covers' yukina wears. I'm also toying with the idea of making a red maple kanzashi to go with the outfit, but I like the snowflake kanzashi so much, and it somehow seems more appropriate...

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NYCC: Kurama and Hiei
[Allied Forces] Gather &#39;Round
I forgot to post this pic from NYCC.
This was the Sunday, when I had an awesome Hiei with me~ <3

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I was really hating my wig that day. The bangs just wouldn't cooperate with me.
One day I'll have a proper Kurama photoshoot. XD

Another Kurama WIP shot
[Allied Forces] Gather &#39;Round
All that's left really is the collar. I didn't have time
to finish it up before NYCC, so it's just pinned up right
now. I'll actually finish it eventually. XD

Once cooler pics of my Kurama is posted then I'll post them
here too~ <3

Too lazy to edit the last journal
[Allied Forces] Gather &#39;Round
I found a pic that I took of the tunic completed XD

I forgot I took a pic of it done.
Thank you random memory for reminding me XD
Though I did fail to remember putting the sash in this pic though >.>

Just getting them out of the way
[Allied Forces] Gather &#39;Round
I'm just gonna get my old YYH cosplay out of the way.
You may want to shield your eyes from the horrible cosplay.

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Mandatory First Post
[Allied Forces] Gather &#39;Round
Hello one and all this is LoveAnime18.
And this is the mandatory first post.

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